Our Software provides exceptional support for a wide range of operations. Investors have access to stocks and bonds, commodities and options. Because our innovative products ensure the trading process and clearing are faster and easier while ensuring optimal safety, we help empower the success of our users.


A portion of our Software works as Clearing for the protection of all participants in the market. Clearing ensures that integrity is maintained through all contracts that are initiated by the Software. All valid members are given membership in Clearing for risk mitigation and management.

Software surveillance

We provide surveillance for transactions, accounts and products to recognize any potential violations of the rules and to prevent them from occurring. The goal is to ensure that Software performs all functions as expected. Regulations protect the integrity of the software and the users while mitigating risk and preventing losses and other damages.

About Us


Through our years of experience and dedication, we have been able to introduce the most innovative clearing software and risk management solutions for individuals as well as enterprises and institutions.

Our main offering today is the combined Trading and Clearing Software, which is provided for buyers and sellers, whether they be individuals or companies and institutions. The goal is to eliminate risk which is often associated with operations in the stock market, including securities, foreign exchange, energy, metals, equity indexes, debts and commodities. With the algorithm provided in the Clearing software, the trading environment is virtually 100% safe.



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