Margin Services has saved market participants as much as $1 billion in overnight funding costs, and provided indicative margin savings up to 89%. Margin services offer simple, easy-to-use software tools to integrate with and connect you to powerful margin engines.

Key Benefits:
– Reduced bilateral counterparty credit risk and freed credit lines
– Improved capital ratios and lowered capital charges
– Operational efficiency


Select A Margin Tool:

Clearing Risk Engine (CRE)

Accessible via any web browser, an interactive margin calculator that allows you to calculate and evaluate initial margin requirements for all products.


The Margin Service API is designed to give you direct access to Clearing initial margin engines for portfolios. Users can pass through their portfolios of all products for initial margin and incremental margin calculation. It also provides features such as interest rate portfolio margin savings and margin estimation.

The API has five main endpoints: analytics, margin, portfolio, transactions, and all-in-one.


Downloaded Software

Custom software enables you to:

– Compute initial margin requirement on cleared or hypothetical portfolios

– Reconcile end-of-day margin requirements

– Integrate calculation capabilities with proprietary risk management systems

– Control performance, scalability and flexibility


Software suite Includes:

PC RAM, RAM Risk manager, RAM RT (Real-Time Interface)


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