EOS Cryptocurrency Now Part of Coinbase’s Crypto Education Rewards Program

As per an all new blogpost released on June 2, crypto enthusiasts are now eligible to earn upto $10 in EOS tokens simply by watching videos that have been posted by Coinbase on its ‘Earn’ portal.

In regards to the matter, ex-Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan stated that by making use of such a novel marketing strategy, the firm was essentially allowing an all new audience to test out this burgeoning market space. Not only that, Tim Wagner, Coinbase’s VP for Engineering, too announced that his firm was all set to add EOS to its existing ‘Earn roster’, a portal that was formed after the premier crypto exchange purchased Earn.com — an app that allows users to earn bitcoin for answering questions and completing certain tasks.

As things stand, the Earn program consists of a host of unique crypto assets such as EOS, XLM, ZEC, BAT and ZRX. Additionally, the program is available in 103 countries and allows users to procure over $100 million worth of crypto by carrying out simple activities.

On the subject, a representative for Coinbase was recently quoted as saying:

“Behind the scenes of EOS showing up on our platform, Coinbase does deep analysis,” Wagner told a crowd of several hundred EOS fans at the Block.

One event in D.C. EOS first appeared on Coinbase Pro in April and then on its consumer product as of yesterday.

The addition of the token comes after Coinbase said last September that it would add new cryptocurrencies more quickly, releasing at the time a new listing process for crypto assets.

Wagner said, EOS would go live on Coinbase Custody as well.