We protect the software functioning by ensuring that its performance is free from manipulation or other circumstances that have the potential to distort prices or otherwise affect the orderly trading and expiration of contracts.


Software self-cure system:

– Monitors large trader positions and physical market prices, fundamentals, and news

– Detects and prevents market manipulation

– Ensures orderly liquidation of contracts

– Monitors compliance with position limits

– Monitors requests for hedge and other types of position limit exemptions

– Monitors positions exceeding position accountability levels


At the conclusion of an investigation, it will be determined whether a rule violation has occurred. The case will be closed with no action taken, if there is no grounds to believe violation occured. If there is reason to believe a rule violation has occurred, the case may be closed with the issuance of a letter of warning or with a request to pay fines. Alternatively, the case may be escalated to the Enforcement team.