Tools to help make every step of the trading lifecycle easier for you.

Aimed to help users in finding products to meet unique financial needs. Adjust settings, set triggers, and answer quick questionnaire to receive a list of investments that fit given time frame, quality, ROI, and type.

Based on criteria filtering, the powerful tool allows to choose from a list of ready-made product ladders based on portfolio analysis tools, evaluating average price, and cash flow.

Now offered via a self-service cloud solution, you can access historical data almost instantaneously, using some of the most flexible data delivery methods available.

Reporting Screeners
Each of product type can be analyzed through reporting software solutions and converted into easy-to-read infograpics.
User can get reporting results relevant to the goals with dozens of criteria choices.
– Identification of the most highly rated products.
– Be notified of the products whose parabolic graph generates a buy signal.
– Moitor products with high dividend yields. Chart of products with dividend yields greater than or equal to 3%

Blast Messenger
Open network instant messaging solution

Users may subscribe to weekly or daily reports and updates on the products. The information provided is based on technical analysis of the data in real-time. Quantitative and technical data is delivered in a simple report with comments and recommendations.