Square Crypto Awards Grant To Pseudonymous Lightning Network Contributor; Denies He Is An AI

Square crypto, a bitcoin-focused unit of card payment, has awarded grants to a lighting contributor going by the name ZmnSCPxJ. He has been contributing to lightning and C-lightning for the past two years. This grant will allow him to go full time on lightning and bitcoins. ZmnSCPxJ is known for his prolific posts on lighting and –dev email list and ability to analyze and respond to proposals in detail and doing both while generating his comprehensive projects. Coindesk said that,

“lightning developers likely know the identity of the researcher since ZmnSCPxJ attended the lightning conference in October in Berlin where he gave a presentation and reportedly spoke with others.”

Building a Bitcoin

Square crypto is broadening its offers in March 2019; the CEO of Square introduced Square crypto, described as Square’s first open-source initiative independence of its business objectives. This project is focused on units that will drive mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Crypto Square has also made several key hires in the past months, including the former Google director Steve Lee and Blockstream co-founder Matt Carlo.

Its primary focus remains Bitcoin; Dorsey believes that Bitcoin is the center of Square’s transition from Fintech Company to Internet Company. The company remains faithful to Bitcoin and has scorned cryptocurrencies; this comes with an investment that aims not to make a profit but to make out the Bitcoin ecosystem and improve Bitcoin experience for mainstream users.

The Shape of Square’s Future

There are various projects likely to be focused on making Bitcoin use more straightforward, and one of the goals is to accelerate the role of UX design in crypto. The project has issued a call on twitter for suggestions that will help the Bitcoin ecosystem, claiming that there is no project they won’t consider as long as it improves or proliferates Bitcoin.