UAE’s Etihad Airways Deploys Winding Tree Blockchain Platform for Easier Administration

A week ago, it came to light that Hong Kong’s state carrier Cathay Pacific was going to make use of a blockchain-enabled platform to manage its unit load devices — primarily by deploying handheld devices that are compatible with the system in question.

  • Winding Tree is a blockchain based administrative platform that can be used by companies to streamline their internal transactions and business processes.
  • In addition to Etihad Airways, other airlines such as Air Canada, Air France have also been making use of the Winding Tree ecosystem since last October.

Etihad Airways — a United Arab Emirates based travel operator — has entered into an agreement with a Swiss firm so as to make use of a blockchain platform called ‘Winding Tree’ in order to explore how this burgeoning technology can be used to streamline the company’s day-to-day work processes.

In relation to the matter, it is worth pointing out that the aforementioned development comes at a time when a number of other airlines (including Air Canada, Lufthansa, Air France) are already using the Winding Tree platform for purposes such as:

  • Reduction of tx costs for customers
  • Publishing of inventories directly to the company’s customers

Talking about his company’s latest partnership, Tristan Thomas, director of digital and innovation at Etihad Airways, was quoted as saying that by making use of this novel tech platform, his company was looking to disrupt a traditionally siloed market that has previously been dominated by just a few distribution systems.

Similarly, Pedro Anderson, Winding Tree’s COO and co-founder, also added that by deploying the platform, Etihad will be able to pass on a number of unique benefits to its customers that were previously thought to be unrealistic. On the subject, he was further quoted as saying:

“When there’s innovation, you start to have disruption, you have competition which results in better prices for the consumer.”