Zscaler ThreatLabZ Discovers New Saefko Remote-Access Trojan (RAT) Malware Targeting Crypto Users

Cybersecurity experts at the Zscaler ThreatLabZ have recently identified a new malware. This remote-access trojan is known as Saefko and it uses the browser of the victim in order to look for crypto-related history. The trojan was created for the popular Google Chrome browser.

The goal of the malware, which can be found for sale on the deep web, is to gather information about credit cards, cryptos, and other financial-related activity.

After the activity is found, the malware acts as a sort of a backdoor that can enable the criminals to control the victim’s computer and use it to make transactions, therefore stealing the money.

As soon as the device is infected by the malware, not only the information is gathered, but criminals are able to control hard drives, use the webcam, take screenshots and more.

The malware uses a large database of crypto-related sites in order to discover if the person is interested in cryptos. In affirmative cases, it proceeds to gather information in order to crack the defenses of the holder and steal the cryptocurrency.

According to the researchers, you can be protected from this threat with the usual ways, though. Avoiding to download any kind of file from untrusted sources, monitoring any kind of outgoing traffic from your computer and blocking unused ports. Antivirus programs can also be used to help be protected from this kind of danger.

Unfortunately, the malware is very stealthy, so it can be hard to determine if it has infected the computer before any of the damage is done. Because of this, being careful is important so that you will not be infected in the first place.